Forest Bathing Experience with Cat Pantaleo

Forest Bathing Experience with Cat Pantaleo


For the majority of human history, human beings have lived close to the land and graciously accepted the role of earth stewards. From my perspective, we seem to have forgotten our role as care-takers, and currently focus instead on what we want and how to get it – at any cost.  Contributing to this human transgression is the fact that we now spend less time in nature than any time in history, and as a direct result, are disconnected from the interdependence of all life. This disconnect is detrimental not only to our own physical and emotional well-being, but to the health of the more-than-human-world.  It is imperative that we restore the human-nature relationship by re-establishing connection to it with intention – by spending mindful time in it.  It is of no dispute that a deep reverence and connection with the natural world is in our DNA and is essential for our health.  A Forest Bathing Experience is an extraordinary opportunity to begin the restoration process: to reawaken our ancestral connection to the earth and rediscover the profound healing potential of being in Nature.  I am a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, and my walk can be described as a deeply nourishing, exploratory, sensorial feast. Based on the Japanese practice, Shinrin-yoku, it is much different than a hike or plant walk.  Unlike a hike, a Forest Bathing Experience destination is inner calm, gratitude and healing through connection with the elements. It is a slow saunter, on and off trail, which consists of facilitated “invitations” that create opportunities to: Slow Down, Revive, Relax, Connect and Play. Unlike a plant walk with dissemination of information about flora and fauna, it is an experience of deep listening; of slowing down to the pace of the natural world so that we may attune ourselves to the quiet voices of the land.  Each experience ends with a sharing of tea made from local plants/trees.

Cat Pantaleo, a Certified Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, Forest Therapy Guide, has been a practicing Integrative Health Practitioner and Wellness Educator for 19 years, and has joyfully served as faculty at several Colorado vocational schools in the Boulder/Denver area, offers Holistic Health Consultations/Counseling, Field and Classroom Education, and Nature Connection experiences for adults and youth. Through her many years as a holistic practitioner, educator, amateur naturalist and field botanist, she has learned that true health and vitality is possible with a combination of wellness practices, including: compassionate connection with oneself and others, mindful time in nature, optimal nutrition, community, and plant medicine.  She skillfully weaves these aspects into her practice and teaching with the intention of empowering people to create optimal wellness and beauty for themselves and their communities.  In alignment with her passion, values and expertise, her current focus includes a combination of strategies that facilitate resilience, restoration, deep nourishment, cultivating inner peace and bridging the gap between the human and more-than-human worlds.

Date: Saturday, June 22
Time: 9:00 am
Location: Among the Trees

Cancellations within 2 weeks of workshop are NOT REFUNDABLE, but may be transferrable.

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