Osha: Bear Medicine of the West

Osha: Bear Medicine of the West


As a keystone plant species, Osha, Ligusticum porteri, has always played a necessary role in traditional medicine and a harbinger of what's to come for healthy ecosystems. Although Osha has many healthy stand populations, it is still over harvested in relationship to its ability to grow to maturity. Returning to the old ways of 'listening to the plants' can be critical for learning what they need to sustain themselves. Hear about ongoing preservation projects and gain knowledge of the importance of some of Osha's sustainability techniques.

From ethnobotanical medicine to current clinical uses, we see the lineage and legacy of plants to people throughout the west and southwest US.  We’ll make an antiviral respiratory syrup with take home samples for each attendee.

Feather Jones is a practicing Clinical Herbalist with 35 years teaching, mindfully wild harvesting and making medicines. She is a botanical field guide for the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and has an ongoing Herbal Apprenticeship Program in Sedona AZ. She owns and formulates for Sedona Tea Blends, an organic herbal tea company infusing desert flower essences and vortex essences into a mandala of tasty medicinal grade herbal blends. A desert woman at heart with deep roots in the Rocky Mountains. www.canyonspiritventures.com

Date: Saturday, June 22
Time: 9:00 am
Location: Barn Classroom

Cancellations within 2 weeks of workshop are NOT REFUNDABLE, but may be transferrable.

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