Tincture Making for the Wild Free-Roaming Human with Laura Clemmons

Tincture Making for the Wild Free-Roaming Human with Laura Clemmons


One of most important aspects of being an empowered human is the ability to take care of yourself and your family. Acquiring the knowledge and skill to identify and harvest plants and make them into medicine is essential for survival in ancient times and today. In order to make these medicines we need to access our courage, intuition, and a good old-fashioned well-respected herb book. Join herbalist Laura Clemmons to make some wild tinctures together and learn how to craft simple yet powerful formulas. We will discuss dry vs. fresh tinctures, how to tincture in the field, and other methods of extraction using alcohol. Come, and boldly enter into citizenship with the plant world. We will be making a fresh plant tincture together that you will take home.

Laura Clemmons is a certified herbalist and graduate of the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies. She studied under Dr. Gu Ding in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Shen Nong Center in Philadelphia, PA, the Mayan Traditional Healing Practices and Uterine Care with Ms. Beatrice Waight, Belize, and Ann Drucker Boulder, CO. She held apprenticeships with Linda White Dove in herbal medicine, Claudia Rosewolf in traditional North American indigenous healing practices, and Pei Fen Yan in Chinese Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. Laura also studied Shamanic Journeying with Chris Davidson at the Ancient ways Shamanic Training in Nederland, CO.

Laura comes from a strong lineage of Italian healers, known as the Strega. Reclaiming that name, Laura named her business Strega Gardens to honor the women in her family that held the role of the herbalist and healer. She has practiced herbalism for 17 years and prefers to grow or wildcraft most of the herbs used, as well as make her own tinctures, tea blends, glycerites, oils, and any other concoctions that are needed. Laura focuses on women’s reproductive health and childhood wellness. Her work attends to physical, psychological and spiritual issues, knowing that these systems are intertwined and inseparable

Date: Sunday, June 23
Time: 9:00 am
Location: Gazebo

Cancellations within 2 weeks of workshop are NOT REFUNDABLE, but may be transferable.

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